Florentin Project...

 Florentin is mostly consist of young people, artist, writers and cool people! This neighberhood is warm and welcoming, it has lots of bars and trendy people. It's full of inspiration and unique people that create a happy village in the heart of an urban life.

This Hotel is for the tourist that spends most of the time outside the hotel.

There is no dining room - one can find a restaurant or cafe within the city.
There is a small lobby with sofas and armchairs that create a place for resting after wandering in the city.

 The Program:

The hotel accommodates 24 rooms
Large spaces - to allow free movement. Corridors should be wide as 2 meters and lit.
Maximum utilization of natural light by open spaces
Electric shutters to allow privacy.
Entry through corridors spaces.
Underground parking.

Open spaces and high ceiling, with large windows for the views.
Necessary elements for the temporary residence (living room, bedroom, bath, dining room, etc.).
The rooms are designed for one person or two people.

Minimum Size 2X2 meters - bathroom + wc
Living Room (Salon) / Bedroom - 3X4 meters.
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