Sushi on  Boulevards...

Kiosk specifications and restrictions:

Kitchen: 8 sq. meters.

Storage: 4 sq. meters.

Dining area: 23 sq. meters.

General area size: max. 40 sq. meters.

Kiosk - Sushi on Boulevards.

Rothschild Boulevard is the main avenue and most beautiful in Tel Aviv. Over the years, established the Rothschild Boulevards status  as business center, culture and history of Tel Aviv. At one end of the avenue the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and at the other side of the avenue, Theatre and Performing Arts Center stage. Around are the most prestigious office buildings,  a variety of restaurants, cafes, hotels and fashionable places, which make the avenue a vibrant urban center of commercial, social and cultural activity.

 The kiosk design is for this specific area. People that dine there come in groups, couples and singles. The kiosk has square shape, ground floor (dining area), underground floor (kitchen). There are no tables.The bar and the sitting area is around the square, faces are turned outside, to the avenue, so people can admire their surroundings, the beauty of the area.

On the ground floor there are 3 levels, there are no waiters. On the bar are interactive touch screens, that allows you to see menu, order and pay. Beside the bar are conveyor belt, that moves the orders around, from top (food elevator in the middle that lifts orders from the kitchen) and down to the lowest level. On rainy days there is a mobile roof in the middle, that opens like umbrella and covers all the areas.

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